How To Fight A Speeding Ticket In Mississippi?


No person shall operate a vehicle on the highways of the state at a
speed greater than 65 miles per hour. §63-3-501

You’ve already got a speeding ticket but you feel that you don’t
deserve it. You don’t want to argue or upset a tired cranky police
officer but you do want to do everything possible to get rid of the
ticket. What can you do?

speeding ticket fight

how to fight speeding ticket?

Mississippi rules: How to fight a speeding ticket with politeness and patience
You can fight speeding tickets but it takes patience and politeness.
Most police officers have a quota of tickets that they have to issue
every month. When they see the slightest infraction, they are more
than happy to slap the driver with a ticket and get their job over and
done with. But this works the other way too. Giving a speeding ticket
to a driver means a huge lot of paperwork for the officer too.
Officers usually issue the ticket and then completely forget the tiny
details of the offence. It’s just natural as they assume you will pay
and they have so much other work to deal with. What you can do is keep
a completely low profile. You might have already planned to take the
case to court and if you are rude or impolite, the officer will
definitely remember you and your offence very well. If you are polite,
by the time the case is called to trial, the officer will have
completely forgotten the actual reason for giving you the ticket.
There is a very good chance that your lawyer will be able to win the
case based on this simple fact.

How to fight a speeding ticket with alternative punishments
It does work. Remember that the officer or the prosecuting office does
not have anything against you personally. They just want you to drive
more carefully. Instead of the speeding ticket, what you can do is
suggest an alternative punishment. For example, try asking the officer
for a warning ticket. If this does not work, writer to the district
attorney office, explaining what happened. Again, be polite and stress
the fact that you did not intend to speed and it might have happened
inadvertently. Stress the fact that you have a good driving record and
you want to do everything possible to remedy this situation.  It may
work with the court dropping or reducing the charges or it may not
work but of course, it does not hurt to ask.

Nothing worked? Delay, delay, delay…
If you have decided to contest and the case is going to court, the
very first thing to do is delay the case as much as possible. Chances
are that by the time the case comes to court, the officer will be on
leave, on retirement, even out on another case or he might simply
forget the date. The longer you delay the better. If the officer does
not show up for two consecutive court dates, the court will
automatically dismiss the charges.

Mississippi Speed Limit: 70 MPH on interstate highways or on
controlled-access highways with 4 or more lanes. §63-3-501

65 MPH on all other highways. §63-3-501

Mississippi Minimum Speed Limit: A person driving at less than the
normal speed of traffic shall drive in the right-hand lane then
available for traffic or as close as practicable to the right-hand
curb or edge of the roadway. §63-3-603(d)

Mississippi Speeding Ticket Fines Amount ($ Range): 1st offense-Not
more than $100; 2nd offense within 1 year-Not more than $200.
Subsequent offense within 1 year-Not more than $500. §63-9-11(2)

Highway Work Zone: A person is subject to a fine of not more than $250
for exceeding the posted speed limit in a highway work zone.
A “serious traffic violation” includes exceeding the speed limit by 15
or more MPH or reckless driving. §63-1-75(t)(i) & (ii)

Traffic School: 1st offenders who meet eligibility requirements and
participate in at least 4 hours of a traffic violators course will not
have the violation recorded on his/her driving record. §63-9-11(3)
In 2006, Mississippi enacted a new law which allows drivers a
“once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity: you may attend a driving school only
once to have tickets wiped from your driving record for good.

Traffic schools are available throughout Mississippi. Contact your
local Department of Public Safety location for a list of approved
schools.  check with the local court to see if attending a traffic
school is an option to have the ticket dismissed. This will depend on
your record, and the number of violations you have

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operator 4s 266 :

Grounds for Suspension of CDL : A person’s CDL is suspended if while
driving a CMV he/she either (1) commits 2 “serious traffic violations
5″ 267 within a 3-year period or (2) commits 3 such violations within
a 3-year period. §63-1-83(4)

Period of CDL Suspension : 2 serious violations (within 3 years)-60
days; 3 serious violations (within 3 years)-120 days. §63-1-83(4)

Each city, and county in Mississippi handles it’s own speeding
tickets. When you get a speeding ticket locate the clerk phone number
on the back. Then wait 7 to 10 days and call to get details on how to
fight a speeding ticket. Remember to go in person to the clerks
office, and plead not guilty schedule a court date. Delay, Delay,
Delay so tell the clerk you will be out of town on bussiness for a
couple of months rinse, and repeat.
If you dont  pay the ticket on time, or fail to arrange for a trial
before the court date listed on your ticket, the county clerk will
mail you a 10-day notice.
If you do not respond within that time period, your driver’s license
information will be sent to the courts in Jackson and your license
will be automatically suspended. All correspondence will be sent to
the address on your driver’s license.

To have your license reinstated you will have to pay additional
$285.50 suspension fee and a $25 reinstatement fee on top of what you
already owe for the Speeding tickets issued to you.

Many states have a point system to penalize bad drivers. Depending on
the severity of their infraction, each violation racks up points on
their driving record. After accumulating enough points, these drivers
risk high insurance premiums and even the suspension or loss of their
driving privileges. Howev Mississippi, has no such point system. Each
Speeding Ticket will go on your record, and be accessible to potential
employers and to the insurance company.

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