How to fight a speeding ticket in Idaho
No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable
and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and
potential hazards then existing. §49-654(1)

Speeding Ticket fight

How to fight a speeding ticket in Idaho?

More often than not, most people are of the impression that a speeding
ticket has no major repercussion. They think that all you have to do
is pay the fine and all is well and good. This is quite far from the
truth especially if you have committed a speeding offense in Idaho
where speeding laws are stringent. Currently, the maximum speed limits
in Idaho are between 20mph and 65mph depending on the location. For
instance, near a school zone, the limit is 20mph and 75mph on highways
with four traffic lanes and a median. Clearly, you need to know how to
fight a speeding ticket if you are to evade harsh punishment. In
addition, you are likely to accrue more points on your driver’s
license for speeding, which could eventually cost you your license.

When you choose to fight a speeding ticket, you plead not guilty and
wait to go to trial. Request for a court date through mail or visit
the courtroom. However, before the case is over, there are some tricks
you can use to get rid of your speeding ticket. There are always
loopholes in the court system, which you can use to your advantage. To
begin with, court officials are human and they make errors that could
work to your benefit. It is possible that they could misplace your
mail or documents, which could lead to case dismissal. It is also wise
to attend your hearing proceedings because if your arresting officer
is absent, which is likely since they are often busy, your case will
be dismissed. You can also fight the ticket by requesting several
continuances. This is especially if the ticketing officer does not
show up or does not have all the relevant information for the case.
Make the court clerk your friend, so that they can allow a continuance
without trouble. Delay, Delay, Delay very important to beat your
speeding ticket.

Pleading your case to the ticketing officer can also help you beat the
ticket. Ticket officers have the capacity to withdraw the ticket, so
make sure you are respectful when requesting they do so.  The most
important factor when you want to fight a speeding ticket in Idaho is
to understand that there is always a chance that you will beat the
ticket. In fact, the National Motorist Association approximates that
half of those who fight speeding tickets win. Therefore, plead not
guilty, learn how to fight a speeding ticket, and defend yourself.

Fixed Penalty Cost of Ticket In Idaho
The following fixed penalties, which include court costs, are assessed
for speed related infractions: for exceeding the speed limit by 1 MPH
but 20 MPH, a fixed penalty of $53; for exceeding the speed limit by
20 MPH, a fixed penalty of $108; and for speeding in a construction
zone, a fixed penalty of $82.50. Rule 9(4)(a) & (b) & (6), Idaho
Infraction Rules

Idaho Point System

(1). An offender’s license is suspended for 30 days, 90 days or 6
months, if he/she respectively accumulates 12 points within 12 months,
18 points within 24 months or 24 points within 36 months.

Note: Three (3) points are deducted from a driver’s record if he/she
attends traffic school prior to a suspension; this can only occur once
in a 3 year period.

(2). The following points are assessed for speeding and speed related
offenses: 1 MPH to 15 MPH over the speed limit-3 points; inattentive
driving-3 points; 16 or more MPH over the speed limit-4 points; a
violation of the minimum speed rule (including not driving in the
right-hand lane when proceeding at less the normal rate of speed) -3
points; a violation of a posted speed limit on an elevated structure
-3 to 4 points; and, racing on the highways-4 points. §49-326 and
IDAPA 39.02.71

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